The Bubble

Before the crash of the “Technology Bubble” a tremendous amount of research was being done the Multicast area. World Multicast was well beyond the research phase and was a leader in Mulicast Solutions. In fact, World Multicast had a developed Secure Reliable Multicast technology in 2001. After theTechnology crash, World Multicast was the only company that kept on researching Secure, Reliable, and Accountable Multicasting solutions. We called it SMART Multicast.

We stayed ahead of our competitors and patented Reliable Multicast technology.

The way to solve Multicast’s problems was by engineering a Multicast overlay that adds Security, Reliability and Accountability simultaneously. World Multicast Inc’s SMART secure reliable multicast technology is that solution, patented by four United States Patents (3 issued 1 pending).

By using a Secure, Reliable, and Accountable Multicast from World Multicast which is point-to-multi-point, your business could escape the exponential costs of bandwidth consumed by current point-to-point technology.