The Story

Recognizing that our work on the computer programming necessary to make Multicasting available to all end-users would require a complete Software Suite of software back in April 2001, our research and business team decided to take on the Herculean task of focusing our time and attention on technologies that could be marketed in a distant future; notably our secure and reliable data transmission system.  Our technology is derived from research that we were doing on battlefield uses of Multicast for secure military command and control.  We realized, only incidentally, that this technology was ideal for secure and reliable business networking that transmits data from one point to many users. Now with the Software Suite finally complete in SMARTCast 7, our customers are able to use Multicast technology to transmit to a multitude of users.  We created, and implemented a protocol for Multicast systems that makes the point-multi-point communications accessible and attractive to business.  CFO’s appreciate our reduction capital and operating expenditures, while technically providing superior large scale service.