This powerful platform, which includes a sophisticated bidirectional reporting mechanism, can be used as the backbone for transporting virtually any type of data, including high-definition video, through the use of existing Internet protocols and infrastructures.

The foundation of Worldcast’s technology is a patented middleware solution called SMART. This platform is capable of transporting virtually any type of data (including high-definition video) to a mass audience with unprecedented efficiency and quality. SMART accomplishes this by using a comprehensive suite of integral components developed by World Multicast, Inc. The following information provides a brief description of each of these components.

SMARTtransport enables a multipoint network to transmit data in a manner that not only greatly enhances bandwidth efficiencies, but that is also highly secure, reliable and scalable. This platform can be used as the backbone for the transport of Multipoint Video, Stock Ticker Data, C2 Communications, Electronic Medical Files, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), etc.  SMARTtransport also provides a distributable mechanism for usage accounting.

This is where a SMARTcast begins. The SMARTencoder server incorporates two components. The first module contains the actual video encoder software that constructs multiple bitrate streams, using H.264 Codec compression. These encoded streams are sent locally, via Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to the second SMART component called the “Tunneling Data Master”(TDM). The TDM adds Forward Error Correction (redundant data) and integrates the SMART Header data that allows SMART packet replacement and encryption to be incorporated into the stream. The TDM software also creates the Multipoint transmission that is “tunneled” to the network interfaces, which are routed publicly to the SMARTmaster. Importantly, SMART is able to automatically tunnel where native Multipoint is not available, and then continues using native Multipoint where it is available.

The SMARTmaster server also incorporates two integrated components. The first is Worldcast’s “Tunneling Data Client” (TDC). The TDC is a software application that continuously monitors downstream client-side data and reconstructs packets that have been lost or damaged while in transit from the TDM and network interfaces. The second component uses Worldcast software to reencrypt the data and retranslate it into SMART Multipoint protocol. The SMARTmaster also  provides packet replacement, which adds reliability to the rest of the SMART MDN and is integral to the logging of SMART Analytics.

The SMARTrepeater provides multi-tiered encryption that obfuscates the system backbone of public or private networks from unauthorized users. SMARTrepeater software translates the stream from the SMARTmaster and re-encrypts and rebroadcasts it to multiple new IP Addresses and Ports, which are isolated and hidden from the end user. A version of this security mechanism is also incorporated into the network by the SMARTencoder, during the ingest process at the headend. The SMARTrepeater is a close-ended, undetectable system that adds layers of protection that insures heightened security for the backbone. The repeater function also enhances scalability by allowing packet replacement closer to the SMARTendnodes.

The SMARTendnode component redistributes the HLS adaptive stream to the end users. These edge servers also help to isolate a private network (backbone) from the public Internet and reduces transmission costs, while enhancing security and quality of service. SMARTendnodes utilize integrated software to decode encrypted transmissions received from the SMARTmaster, or SMARTrepeater. These endnodes provide automatic, low latency, client-side packet replacement and build specific video formats that are dynamically cached and forwarded to the end users. Multiple SMARTendnodes and custom geolocation load balancing capabilities are employed to spread the user load. Additionally, SMARTendnodes incorporate Accelerated Buffering Technology (ABT), which provides unprecedented channel switching speeds by reducing buffering times.

The SMARTvisualizer is a powerful tool, that allows an operator to perform comprehensive real-time monitoring of network conditions between the SMARTencoder and the SMARTmaster. Through remote Secure Shell (SSH) terminals, an administrator can “visually” detect various anomalies that may occur on specific interfaces. This information can be used to quickly analyze and resolve various network problems.

The SMARTadministrator is a management tool, that allows network operators to continually monitor and control an extensive system of cloud based SMARTendnode servers in real-time. This tool features a graphical user interface, which displays the number of clients that are connected to the SMARTendnodes and the amount of bandwidth that is streaming to and from each server. The SMARTadministrator is also used to configure new servers that have been added to Worldcast’s geolocation database system.

***Technology Tested by Lockheed***
Global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin has tested and evaluated SMART technology.