Superior bandwidth utilization equals significantly lower bandwidth costs.

  • Boost revenue streams with our bidirectional fully automated ad insertion solution; requires no additional operating costs to implement
  • technology is built on standard Internet infrastructures; current legacy systems can be utilized has solutions to your problems.

Problem: Point-to-multipoint Internet protocols have no built-in feedback mechanism. If a group of customers are experiencing service interruptions/outages, the current IPTV system has no mechanism in place to detect or trace the problem.

Solution: offers your company our bidirectional protocol suite that allows for end-user quality feedback. technology will give your company a system that allows for Quality of Service (QoS) reports and will produce enhanced revenues utilizing targeted advertising.

Problem: The current point-to-multipoint systems have no way to determine the most efficient protocols available for the best multipoint connectivity.

Solution: offers your company a more efficient method and better functioning system of reliability. technology offers the only software solution that supports home radio LAN networks with our reliability layer/engine.

Problem: Broadcasters require a signal that is “secure to the glass.” Broadcasters don’t want to give Telcos content because it would not be secure to the glass.

Solution: offers your company a brandable multi-platform media player with an integrated browser and TV guide that provides security to the glass. The “Live Viewer” has SMART (Secure Multipoint for Advanced Repeating of Telecommunications) security built in, which allows the broadcaster to secure the signal from their head end all the way to the end user’s player, in other words, “secure to the glass.”

Problem: Hackers get a hold of your command and control software, break into your computer, email a remote control program to your Network Operations Center (NOC) and copy your command and control software to their computer. Then the attacker has the ability to insert unsolicited programming/data/viruses or generally interrupt programming/service to any one or all of your customers.

Solution: offers your company the ability to dynamically secure the backbone of your transmission. technology gives your company’s computer system an extra layer of dynamic security. technology gives your company the only software solution that creates an environment we call “Virtual Cable.”


Internet traffic depends on a complex association of previously recorded data objects. This document defines an association mechanism that provides an extensible and scalable protocol to access persistent data. The mechanism is called the Discovery Protocol for a Directory of Persistent Objects (DP-DPO).

A good example of IT manager’s resistance to add additional tables to their routing infrastructure is the lack of native support for MSDP on the Internet2.

Providing an IPV6 compatible Discovery Protocol that could efficiently discover the sources for IP Anycast and IP Multicast would be a good initial use for the Directory of Persistent Objects. Internet Message Processors could retain (cache) the more frequently used persistent objects, hence increasing performance without maintaining a separate table for MSDP.

DP-DPO Project Members:

Vint Cerf
Ian Stewart
Paul Vixie
Kevin Almeroth

E-SUPER DOMINO proposes research into E-SUPER DOMINO, which stands for Enhanced Security Utilizing Public and Emergent Reliable Distribution of Multipoint Inter-domain Networking Objects. A “super domino” is one that is linked to others but is impervious to single point failure. Reliability is added to base level point-to-multipoint communications infrastructure with Worldcast’s SMART technology. Worldcast’s technology layers security, reliability and provides for multipoint feedback from mass audiences.

E-SUPER DOMINO Research Report


M-PRESS stands for Multi-Point Repeating for Enhanced Security System. An “M-PRESS” system is a multipoint network that hides the multipoint infrastructure addresses making it impervious to attack from stolen command and control software components. M-PRESS security is added to base level point-to-multipoint communications infrastructure with Worldcast’s SMART REPEATING technology.

Worldcast’s technology layers security and reliability, and provides for multipoint feedback from mass audience communication links (point-to-multipoint).

M-PRESS Research Report